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Metering Pump

  • Product brief  introduction

    Ge-star metering pump is a kind of reciprocating pump that transport liquids at rationed quantity, evenly and stably. It is widely applied in industries such as oil. Natural gas, chemical, electricity, environment protection, pharmaceutical, food, military and construction material etc. Suitable for many media, ranging from high pressure, high temperature, strong corrosion, volatile, crytallize, flammable, explosive, poisonous, smelly, with large specific gravity, high viscosity, as well a radioactive metal.

    Maximum discharge pressure:95Mpa
    Maximum discharge flow rate of single pump haed:12100L/h
    Flow rate can be stepless adjusted in the range of 0-100%,metering accuracy reaches +- 0.5%
    Sealing performance is good, without leakage.
    Simple structure, convenient maintenance, high cost- effective


    Typical installation diagram